Cleanetics has been consulting on cleanroom projects for decades. Our specialty is working closely with the architects and GC to ensure your project is completed to federal and state standards. Staying up to date on the latest regulations, Cleanetics knows what your cleanroom project needs to be compliant and certified. Our first step is to identify the processes of your facility, the quantity of production, and access that is acceptable and or/needs restrictions. The next phase of the project is to identify the location of the cleanroom, determine the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC tie ins that will be needed to complete the project. At this point, it is the co-ordination of the construction and bringing in our specialty certified PVC welders to complete the lamination of your cleanroom walls. All items for cleanroom fit up will be custom built to meet your facilities needs-material pass throughs, material transfer carts, laminated workstations, etc… The last phase of the cleanroom project will be the certification. Cleanetics will guarantee your room will meet the ISO standards required to meet your regulations.

USP Cleanroom anteroom. Auto slider doors, handsfree handwashing sink, and aseptic protocol.
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We Are Cleanroom Contractors

Cleanetics provides Consultations and construction for new and renovation cleanroom projects. With expert experience in renovating existing conditions to create a sterile compounding cleanroom, Cleanetics works directly with the customer to ensure they receive the ergonomic flow and cleanroom components that ensure certification and state inspections. Our specialties include the USP<797>/<800> mandates and 503b Facilities. We stay up to date on all regulations and ensure our clients receive a state of the art sterile compounding cleanroom. Contact Cleantetics to ensure your cleanroom is completed with regulations and time frames in mind. We pride ourselves in completing on time/on budget/regulated/state passed cleanrooms.

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Cleanetics-Advancing Cleanroom Technology-Linkedin
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Cleanroom Consulting and Contracting Services.
Trust Cleanetics Cleanroom services to complete the design, build, and certification of your cleanroom.
Consulting, Designing, Building, Certifying, and Preventative Maintenace.

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Cleanetics Cleanrooms

USP797 Cleanroom for the hospital sector.

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Cleanetics has designed cleanrooms for
global markets around the world

Cleanetics offers consultations for new build and renovations for USP <797>/ USP <800>, and 503b/ Cleanrooms.  By July 2018, your compounding facility must have a plan in place or have met the requirements for USP<800>. This mandate focuses on the safety to all involved in hazardous compounding.  Trust Cleanetics to provide you with the cleanroom that will ensure safety measures have been met.

Consulting directly with the your staff, Cleanetics ensures cleanroom environments that have the ergonomic workflow and staff needs to meet certification, validation, and regulations. Cleanetics Cleanrooms also offers continuous particle monitoring systems. USP797 has been a mandate for over 10 years. We have been there from the beginning, working with the top hospitals around the nation and globe.
Trust Cleanetics with your USP797 Cleanroom renovation or new construction project.

Meeting cleanroom classification and environmental control is our guarantee. We have designed and built facilities, with classifications ranging from Class 100,000 to Class 1,000/ ISO3 to ISO8.

Cleanetics will ensure that your cleanroom will meet the required ISO standards. Electrostatic dissipative surfaces, non-porous heat welded Bio-Gard wall systems, and utility grid with integrated lighting or process piping offer control and adaptability.

Our BioGard wall covering achieves a durable, non-porous, heat welded finish for aseptic environments that meet 503b FDA mandates. Bio-Gard has been tested with UL Standard 723 to meet ASTM E-84, and it satisfies USDA, and FDA requirements for clean ability.


Cleanetics offers an array of cleanroom products.

The following list contains a basic supply of items provided. Cleanetics offers OEM pricing on most of our products and will be our competitors pricing. With OEM pricing, you will purchase products and services that have not gone through
tiers of mark-ups.


Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling Laminate achieves a superior finish for aseptic environments.

  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean, Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling Laminate eliminates the need for drywall repair while meeting the most stringent aseptic protocol.
  • 2mm PVC sheets offer Bio-Gard superior resistance to chemicals and impact compared to an epoxy paint finish.
  • Thermo-formed and vacuum molded corners and coves offers a smooth seamless transition from walls to ceilings.
  • Installation includes lamination and heat-welding of the panels for a seamless, homogenous, non-porous wall finish that can be applied over most solid substrates, including drywall, cement board, and smooth concrete.
  • The standard system finish is a high-gloss white. Custom colors and anti-microbial additives are available upon request.
  •  Bio-Gard has been tested with UL Standard 723 to meet ASTM E-84, and it satisfies USDA, and FDA requirements for clean ability.


Cleanetics’ Utility Grid offers a heavy-duty walkable ceiling with the ability to integrate lights when ceiling space is tight.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum extrusion available in anodized or powder-coated finishes.
  • A variety of ceiling tile options are available, including aluminum honeycomb manufactured to varying spans and thickness to meet custom live load requirements.
  • The system is designed with a Unistrut profile on its topside for more compatible integration with its primary vertical support system.
  • The room side can be capped with a clear acrylic lens for the flush lighting applications, or it can be covered with an opaque PVC or aluminum cap when flush lighting is not utilized.
  • Ideal for ISO 8 environments, laboratory white rooms, and high-bay enclosures.


Cleanetics is your custom pass-through specialist
Cleanetics designs and manufactures a unique line of custom sterile interlocked pass-throughs. From standard 2’ x 2’ material units to larger cart pass-throughs, combination units, or distinctly smaller letter and document pass-through, Cleanetics provides custom solutions for most conditions.  The Cleanetics pass-through line is manufactured from LEED-approved substances and clad with Bio-Gard for high performance, as well as an aesthetically pleasing integration with the clean room walls.


  • 3/4 – inch cabinet grade plywood (formaldehyde free)
  • Foam rubber bulb seal for the doors
  • Round, low-profile stainless steel ¼ turn door latches
  • ½ inch Plycarbonate Lexan doors

Available Options

  • Adjustable shelving
  • Shelving made from HDPE
  • Security pass-through door locks
  • Magnetic interlocking system


Custom Cleanroom Casework for Any Application

  • Cleanetics designs and manufactures a unique line of custom casework and accessories for cleanrooms and laboratories.  From stationary cabinets and work-tables to rolling carts with sliding bins, to printer enclosures and computer work-stations, Cleanetics continuously expands its product line with the current innovations of the industry.  The Cleanetics sterile casework line is manufactured from LEED-approved substrates and clad with Bio-Gard and other high performance surface materials for an aesthetically pleasing integration with the cleanroom.
    • Features
      • ¾ inch plywood laminated with Bio-Gard inside and out
      • ½ inch foam rubber bulb seals for doors
      • Adjustable stainless steel 170 degree cabinet-type hinges
      • Mechanical door interlock
    • Available Options
      • Amber acrylic doors
      • Ultraviolet light coating
      • Gas purge
      • Shelving
      • Aluminum trim


Cleanetics UV-Tech offers the world’s only air sterilization units that give measurable performance and guaranteed results. 

It delivers the most powerful, efficient, and economical air sterilization units on the market today in live HVAC applications.  Cleanetics UV-Tech removes airborne pathogens that include bacteria and viruses from indoor environments, providing ultra clean air.

  • See the benefits of ultra clean air
    • 99.9% reduction in the concentration of microorganisms
    • Reduced energy operating costs by 20%
    • Delivers measurable performance and guaranteed results
    • Ideal for new developments and refurbished buildings including: hospitals, offices, commercial premises, hotels, schools, entertainment venues, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cleanrooms.

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Cleanetics is a leader in cleanroom
design engineering and construction for our cleanroom clients.

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

The design and installation of a sterile compounding pharmacy cleanroom at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City consisted of a 850 sf (79 m2) suite which included an Editing Room, Ante Room, IV Prep Room, and a Chemo Room, as well as custom fabricated casework including counter-tops, cabinets, check tables, and pass-throughs to provide a functional work environment.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

The coordination and installation of a sterile compounding pharmacy cleanroom at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi included a 1700 sf (154 m2) suite with rooms for Gowning, Editing, Wipedown, IV Prep, and Hazardous Drug compounding. Custom casework was provided throughout the project including countertops, cabinets, and pass-throughs.

Brookhaven National Laboratories

The installation of a modular construction advanced research facility located in Long Island, NY involved two separate facilities in the same building, totaling 2500 sf. Phase 1 consisted of a gowning room, clean room support, and the clean room. Phase 2 featured two cleanrooms with a shared gowning room. The construction of the rooms used modular wall systems, and a modular furring system to provide an environment free of electrostatic discharge.

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Facility – This medical research facility project consisted of the construction of a gowning/prep room, and two stem cell rooms, totaling 950 sf at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, New York.

West River Pharma

In as little as 3 weeks, Cleanetics completed a site visit to perform Feasibility Analysis and USP 797 Consultation studies, developed the design and engineering plans, and completed the construction build out, renovating a non-complaint sterile compounding pharmacy into a state-of-the-art fully-compliant facility.

Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology

Cleanetics designed and engineered a 6100 sf (565 m2) high-bay aerospace cleanroom including an airlock, loading bay, air shower, AIT, viewing gallery, and the cleanroom with a 3-ton rail guided crane system. The project will utilize FANWALL technology to create a HEPA filtered laminar airflow over the critical work zone.

Construction is scheduled to begin Q1-15

ISO 5 Research and Development Laboratory


Cleanetics: Cleanroom ServicesCleanroom specialists that are advancing clean technology worldwide. How can we help you?

Cleanetics a leader in cleanroom design-engineering and construction, servicing clients in the Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, and Aerospace industries and has effectively constructed classified facilities for R&D, food & beverage, contract manufacturers, and OEM providers.  Cleanetics assess your facilities production and determines the cleanroom requirements that are needed to meet your regulations. Cleanetics understands regulatory compliance and can accommodate your cleanroom requirements.Don’t just trust anyone to design or build your cleanroom.  Trust Cleanetics-a global leader in cleanroom design, build, and technology for the Sciences.

From big pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, to the growing list of bio-tech upstarts or the compounding suites in community hospitals in accordance with USP <797>/<800> and 503b, Cleanetics cleanroom services have developed a volume of products and services that aid its clientele in reducing the risk of contamination by designing environments that create the ideal state for sterile production—that is, exposed surface materials and finishes which are easy to clean.  Facilities that require ergonomic work flows to increase productivity and performance. Cleanetics will provide your establishment with a cleanroom that meets and exceeds state and FDA regulations.

We are the one stop business that will make your project run smoothly.  On time. On budget.

Cleanetics and its network of leading architects, engineers, facilities, planners, and specialized installers are at the forefront of cleanroom services: design, effectively building “turn-key” aseptic, cleanroom environments and completing projects that require renovating existing spaces to create their cleanroom space. Cleanetics specializes in assessing existing spaces, designing cleanrooms to fit the location, and building the cleanroom to meet the USP and FDA mandates.

Contact : Cleanetics Cleanroom Consultants

Contact-cleanroom consultants for your current cleanroom or cleanroom in design.  It is never too late to have cleanetics consult on your project.
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We bring a personal and effective approach
to every project we work on. Discussing with your staff the ergonomic flow and processes to ensure the cleanroom is built to meet those needs.  Cleanetics can build a cleanroom to meet the state/federal regulations for USP<797>, USP<800>, 503b, and ISO1 to ISO8 certified cleanrooms. Ensuring our projects are designed, built and certified to meet your budget, timing, and requirements is our specialty.  Each cleanroom project is built and to suit our clients ergonomic flow and processes.

Using our Bio-Gard wall laminate to complete the interior fit up for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and hospital sector, Cleanetics rooms are state of the art, aseptic, durable and easy to disinfect.

Cleanrooms are not a general construction project and shouldn’t be treated as such.  Leave the experts at Cleanetics to complete your specialty cleanroom.

Cleanetics is Advancing Cleanroom Technology one facility at a time.


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