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Cleanroom Consultants & Contractors that will meet all your cleanroom requirements:USP797, USP800, 503b, Medical Device, Animal Vivarium, Research Laboratories, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical. Our engineers use state of the art technology to reduce operational costs while ensuring the facility meets the highest standards of federal and state performance.  Providing Cleanroom Consultation and Project Planning for your cleanroom facility is our expertise.  Working with clients all over the world, Cleanetics offers real-time specifications that are required to meet your cleanrooms compliance.  Always educating our staff on day to day regulation changes, Cleanetics, cleanroom consultants & contractors,, will assist your cleanroom in excelling to meet and exceed the regulations.

At Cleanetics, cleanroom consultants & contractors,that prefer to work directly with the customer and provide the client with a single point of contact for their cleanroom project. Utilizing our engineers and architects we align with, your facility will save time and money. If your project is already under contract with an architect, Cleanetics can consult with the firm to ensure cleanroom compliance. Cleanrooms are very complicated and you need to have a specialist that has stellar experience in this specific industry. CleanroomExperience is vital to your project. Knowing the variables of the area your located in will be a major factor in your cleanrooms function. How much equipment will be placed in the cleanroom? Amount of staffing? Function needs? Regulations? These are the just a few of the answers we will seek to find. Cleanetics Cleanroom Consultants and Contractors always ensure on time, on budget, and compliant cleanrooms. Trust the experts.
Our services include: Cleanroom consultation (renovations,new construction, validations), Cleanroom design, Cleanroom construction, Cleanroom project management, Cleanroom certifications, and Cleanroom Custom Manufactured Products (Material pass throughs, casework, cabinets)

  • Review plans and specifications-Verify Ergonomic Flow and Acceptability Design for Current USP797, USP800, 503b and all Federal requirements
  • Analyze existing performance and identify contamination issues– Implement a Gap Analysis based on your facilities guidelines and Develop an SOP of your facility to follow.
  • Provide recommendation report-After reviewing the Design and Comparing to current standards, Cleanetics will provide the consultation your cleanroom facility needs to be compliant.
  • Construction Management-Cleanetics will hire sub-contractors, procure materials, utilize our team to install our heat, welded Bio-Gard wall laminate, design and build custom casework (material pass-throughs, cabinets), and finally certify your cleanroom.
  • Preventative Maintenance Services-Cleanetics team will verify your facilities functioning to compliance and prolong the life of your cleanroom facility. Completing certifications, (viable/non-viable), smoke testing, certifying hoods, checking all filters and replacing as needed, checking and adjusting pressure differential, and complete disinfecting.
  • Industries Served– USP797, USP800, 503b, Medical Device,
    Animal Vivariums, Research Laboratories, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food Production

We bring a personal and effective approach
to every project we work on.

Discussing with your staff the ergonomic flow and processes to ensure the cleanroom is built to meet those needs. Cleanetics can build a cleanroom to meet the state/federal regulations for USP<797>, USP<800>, 503b, and ISO1 to ISO8 certified cleanrooms. Ensuring our projects are designed, built and certified to meet your budget, timing, and requirements is our specialty.  Each cleanroom project is built and to suit our clients ergonomic flow and processes.

Using our Bio-Gard wall laminate to complete the interior fit up for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and hospital sector, Cleanetics rooms are state of the art, aseptic, durable and easy to disinfect.

Cleanrooms are not a general construction project and shouldn’t be treated as such.  Leave the experts at Cleanetics to complete your specialty cleanroom.

Cleanetics is Advancing Cleanroom Technology one facility at a time.

Cleanroom Consultants & Contractors

Cleanetics, cleanroom consultants & contractors, that specialize in design-engineering and construction, servicing clients in the Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, and Aerospace industries and has effectively constructed classified facilities for USP<797> & USP<800> Hospital Pharmacies, R&D, food & beverage, contract manufacturers, and OEM providers.  Cleanetics assess your facilities production and determines the cleanroom requirements that are needed to meet your regulations. Cleanetics understands regulatory compliance and can accommodate your cleanroom requirements.Don't just trust anyone to design or build your cleanroom.  Trust Cleanetics-a global leader in cleanroom design, build, and technology for the Sciences.

Cleanetics: Cleanroom Consultants & Contractors[/highlight] that are advancing clean technology worldwide. How can we help you?

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Cleanetics: Cleanroom ConsultantsCleanroom Contractors that are advancing clean technology worldwide. How can we help you?

Cleanroom Consultants & Contractors

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